Church Choir

Choir Director : Mr. Priji Eapen

Choir Secretary: Mrs. Beryl Davidson

We could find references to music in 44 out of 66 books in the Bible which obviously magnifies the importance of music in a worship service. In some of the references we could find that music even surpasses the boundary of heaven and flows to earth as in the case of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, where the Angels announces his birth with a heavenly song. Even on psychological premises it is a proven fact that music has an extraordinary influence on human mind, body and spirit. On this biblical perspective the traditional churches also give an important role to music in worship services.

The beauty of the traditional hymns are beyond words when they are sung in a blending harmony. The true life experiences of the composers, expressed through meaningful words harmoniously has the power to humble even the hardest minds and fill it with joy of the holy spirit. Church of South India, with its direct connection with the Anglican churches has a worship order, which is rich in music. We have good collection of traditional songs, which were written by great personalities like, Bishop Reginald Heber, Charles Wesley, H.F Lyte, Mosavalsalm etc. As in the parable of talents, if you have a talent to sing why waste it? Use it for the glory of God, because you could influence the minds of people and bring them closer to God with this great ministry of music.